Final Answer

by Larry Davis

Released 2006
Released 2006
Smooth R&B Jazz
Larry Davis was born with a unique Gift for music. He began playing music at an early age in elementary school giving recitals in the flutophone choir.His father purchased him his first saxophone in the 6th grade and immediately he joined the marching band, concert and jazz ensemble. As a professional he has played all generes of
music. While performing in the marching band in high school
and in college at Alabama A & M university he developed a great fondness for the R & B tunes performed at the half time shows. His rendention of these popular songs express
the very nature of who Larry is. His saxophone captures the
rich soulful soulful sounds of the artists themselves in a
way that is captavating and soul stirring. His horn invigorates and give new meaning to the phrase rhythm and
blues in a classy and jazzy way unlike never before.

Smooth Jazz, Smooth R&B Jazz, Smooth Gospel Jazz

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Unequivocably soulfully lustrously silky smooth

Inspirationally contagious spiritually uplifting music